VinciSmile Group LLC is a worldwide dental supplier headquartered in Los Angeles, California USA. Our company is committed to providing not only the qualified and advanced dental products, but also exceptional support services, including training for both employees and customers, as well as the contribution in healthcare industry.

VinciSmile is exploring new avenues to enhance business and serve our customers better. With years of experience in the healthcare industry, we understand the importance of providing high-quality medical facilities to support the delivery of healthcare services. By investing in medical office buildings (MOBs), we aim to leverage our expertise and resources to support the healthcare industry and contribute to the growth of the medical field, while also diversifying our portfolio and expanding our business. Our investment section offers a range of opportunities for investors interested in the stable and reliable returns provided by medical building investments.

We are committed to pursuing this new direction with the same passion and dedication that has made us successful in the past, and we look forward to achieving even greater heights in the future. We invite you to explore this exciting new direction and discover the benefits of investing in the future of healthcare.


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