Glass Ionomer Cement Luting II

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Luting II is a universal restorative material with proven GIC properties functioning as both filling and luting. Different functions are achieved according to the adjustment of the powder-to-liquid ratio.


• Cementation of metal-based inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges.
• Cementation of high strength (zirconia based), all ceramic crowns and bridges.
• Cementation of posts and screws made of metal or high-strength ceramic.
• Cementation of orthodontic bands.
• Restoration of caries in unstressed area.


• Good Durability
The higher compression capacity (> 180Mpa) ensures good durability.

• low stickness
The low stickness to applicance improves operation efficiency.

• Time saving
The short net setting time helps you save time.

• Ideal film thickness
The smaller film thickness compared to other brands guarantees accurate match between restoration and denture.

Operation Instructions

• Prepare the tooth

• Clean and dry
Gently dry the tooth with a cotton swab or an air gun, but don't make it too dry. The surface of the tooth should be moist and a little shiny. It will achieve the ideal bonding effect without dealing with smear layer of the tooth surface. Then clean and dry the restoration.

• Take powder and liquid
For luting, take 1 spoon of powder and 2 drops of liquid. For filling, take 1 spoon of powder and 1 drop of liquid for filling.

• Mix the powder and liquid
Mix half portion of powder with all liquid, then incorporate the remaining powder and mix the whole. Total mixing should be completed within stipulated time.

• Luting and match/Filling and surface remolding
For luting:Apply the prepared material on the surface of the abutment and the cemented surface of the prosthesis. After the material is applied, put the prosthesis in and adjust in right place. The operation should be completed within 2-3 minutes (starting from the material mixing).

For filling:Fill the well-mixed material into the cavity. Operation should be completed in 3 minutes. Remold the surface during the gel period of the material.

• Remove excess material
The excess material is removed during the gel period of the material.

• Waterproof protection
After the completion of the adhesive, apply the waterproof material on the edge of the restoration to do waterproof protection.

• Finished

Technical Parameters

Items For luting For filling
Powder/liquid ratio (g/g) 1.6 ~ 1.8/1.0 2.3~ 2.5/1.0
Mixing time (min., sec.) 45" 45"
Working time (min., sec.) 2'00" ~ 3'00" 1'30" ~ 2'00"
(at 23℃)(from start of mixing)
Net setting time 3'00" ~ 3'30" 2'30" ~ 3'00"
Compressive capability >100MPa (ISO ≥ 50 MPa) >180MPa (ISO ≥ 100 MPa)
Film Thickness <14μm (ISO≤ 25μm)   /





Standard Package

30g*1  Powder
25g*1  Liquid
1  Measuring scoop
1  Mixing pad(50 sheets)

Mini Package

10g*1  Powder
10g*1  Liquid
1  Measuring scoop
1  Mixing pad(50 sheets)

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