Glass Ionomer Cement Luting II

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Luting II is a universal restorative material with proven GIC properties functioning as both filling and luting. Different functions are achieved according to the adjustment of the powder-to-liquid ratio.



• Cementation of metal-based inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges.
• Cementation of high strength (zirconia based), all ceramic crowns and bridges.
• Cementation of posts and screws made of metal or high-strength ceramic.
• Cementation of orthodontic bands.
• Restoration of caries in unstressed area.



• Good Durability
The higher compression capacity (> 180Mpa) ensures good durability.

• When used for luting: Ideal film thickness
 When used for filling:
 Good durability
 Low stickiness
 Time saving

Technical Parameters

Items For luting For filling
Powder/liquid ratio (g/g) 1.6 ~ 1.8/1.0 2.3~ 2.5/1.0
Mixing time (min., sec.) 45" 45"
Working time (min., sec.) 2'10" 3'00" 
(at 23℃)(from start of mixing)
Net setting time 3'15"  2'45" 
Compressive capability >140MPa (ISO ≥ 50 MPa) >180MPa (ISO ≥ 100 MPa)
Film Thickness 13μm    /



Standard Package

30g*1  Powder
25g*1  Liquid
1  Measuring scoop
1  Mixing pad(50 sheets)

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