Glass Ionomer Cement Luting I

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Luting I is a truly biocompatible, quick-set, contemporary luting glass ionomer cement that ensures reliable and long-lasting restorations.



• Cementation of metal-based inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges.
• Cementation of high strength (zirconia based) all ceramic crowns and bridges.
• Cementation of posts and screws made of metal or high-strength ceramic.
• Cementation of orthodontic bands.



• Sustained release of fluoride ions
 Chemically bond to tooth structure for excellent edge sealing
 Optimum thixotropy and ideal film thickness
 Simple, convenient and efficient to operate
 Easier to clean than resin-bonded materials

Technical Parameters

Powder-Liquid Ratio (g/g) 1.6~1.8/1.0 (24ml)
Mixing Time 45"
Working Time 2'10"
Setting Time 3'05"
Film Thickness 12μm
Shelf life 2 Years



Standard Package

30g*1  Powder
25g*1  Liquid
1  Measuring scoop
1  Mixing pad(50 sheets)

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