Nobildent Prime DXL Artificial Denture Teeth

Sale price$3.98


Retail Units: card

Anteriors Package: 6pcs/Card

Posterior Package: 8pcs/Card

Retail Price: $3.98 per card

Combined with outstanding physical properties, Nobildent Prime DXL is designed for all the facial characteristics around the world. The natural morphology, superior material quality, simple operation and good price-performance ratio render it a true “asset” for  worldwide customers.


This product is mainly used to make complete dentures, movable partial dentures, and fixed crown restorations for patients with missing teeth,  to restore vocalization, beautify the face and to improve  the chewing ability.


• Generation polymer materials: Double Cross Link material with high molecular weight
• Improved wear resistance
• Excellent shade stability
• Minimum water absorption
• Extremely low affinity to plaque
• Outstanding solvent resistance
• Anti-cracking
• None wax teeth card, easy to use
• Order in cabinet: save managing cost, easy to use

Physical Property

• High-performance Raw Material
Nobildent Prime DXL uses high-performance DXL material as its raw material. DCL polymer can form an extensive network of bonds which improve the wear-resistance property. Besides, this polymer can results in abrasion and craze resistant teeth that are hard not brittle.
•Posterior-thicker Enamel Design, Better Wear-resistance
Fine powder can be got when the enamel layer of Nobildent Prime DXL tooth is grinded, which stands for high wear-resistance. And the thicker enamel design of posterior, not only maintains the tooth function after it being grinded but also contributes to better wear-resistance and anti-stain ability.

•Lifelike and Porcelain Tooth Look
Check the Prime DXL teeth incisal under natural light, we can see that the sheen of it is like that from natural teeth. Two-layer enamel design of the lingual and labial parts, makes the Prime DXL anterior more translucent and vivid.

•Impressive Productivity and Reliable Quality
Backed up by the innovative and powerful automated moulding system, factory for NOBILDENT not only owns high productivity producing totally 250,000 teeth each day, but also provides products stable in CPK and with excellent consistency in all aspects.


Store the product in a well-ventilated room with relative humidity not exceeding 80% and free of corrosive gases.

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