TopCEM Dual Cure Resin Cement

Shade: A0 (Light+)
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TopCEM is a versatile and ultimate dental dual-cure luting resin cement, capable of both chemical and light cure.


Cementation of all sorts of dental restorations including crowns, bridges, inlays/onlays, veneers, dental posts and other restorations made from materials of metals/alloys, mental-ceramic, all-ceramic and/or porcelain, composites, and their combinations.


• Dual cure offers flexible options:

Suitable for both dual cure and light cure.

• Sufficient working time and fast setting time:

Sufficient work time: leave enough time for doctors to prepare before they put everything into the patient's mouth.

Short curing time: avoid any unexpected movement or shift of the restoration after doctors have placed it into the patient's mouth.

• High flexural strength:

After curing it shows excellent physical and mechanical properties. Indicators such as flexural strength, film thickness, solubility and water absorption are better than most mainstream products in the market.

• Low film thickness, solubility and water absorption

• 3 opacity and 7 shades available:

With 3 opacity and 7 shades, satisfies the needs of both high translucency and shades covering, suitable for cementation of restorations with different color requirements.

• Impressive radiopacity, X-ray radiation resistance could be over 400%.

Technical Parameter

ISO1042:2009 Top CEM
Flexural strength/MPa (Dual cure) >50 112.7
Flexural strength/MPa (Self cure) >50 107.5
Solubility/ug/mm3 (Dual cure) <7.5 1.8
Water absorption/ug/mm3 (Dual cure) <40 19.8
Film thickness/μm <50 20
Work time(23±1)℃ >60s Qualified
Setting time(37±1)℃ <10min 2′38″
Radioactive resistance(%) >100 400

Technical Parameter

(Top CEM)
Bonding strength to enamel/MPa 19.5
Bonding strength to dentin/MPa 22.4
Bonding strength to zirconia/MPa 27.7
Bonding strength to cobalt chromium metal/MPa 20.7
Bonding strength to glass ceramics/MPa 21.8




8g*1  Syringe
 Mixing tips)

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