P-Etchant Phosphoric Acid Etching Gel

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Phosphoric Acid Etching Gel is a flowable gel with excellent water solubility and miscibility.

Its color is blue, which can be identified easily on the tooth or a repairing surface with contrast.


This product is for total etching or enamel etching of enamel and dentin before any direct filling of tooth or adhesion of restorations.

P.S. direct filling also includes coating resin to the enamel.

• For surface cleaning of restorations.

With a disposable dispensing tip, Phosphoric Acid Etching Gel can be applied directly onto the tooth surface.

• Can also be used for cleaning restoration surfaces before repairing or cementation.

Notes: Only restorations containing silicates (SiO2) are suitable for hydrofluoric acid to pretreat. For zirconia or aluminum oxide, there should be no pretreatment of acid etchant.

Hydrofluoric acid is highly toxic and lethal when it combines with Calcium ions in the human body. So HF acid usually is used for pretreatment of restorations outside the mouth and requires to be washed off or neutralized by alkaline.


• Good rheology, locate accurately.

• Bright colors to identify.

• Easy to be rinsed off.

• Eliminate surface dirt and make it rough for bonding.

• Make it easy for adhesive to penetrate and form resin protrusion with dentin.




3ml*1  Syringe
10  Dispensing tips

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