Size: 98mm
Thickness: 12mm
Shade: A1
Sale price$34.00


NOBILCAM Monolayer PMMA Disc

PMMA Disc is dental material for laboratories to mill dental long-term temporary restoration (Crown or Bridge). NOBILCAM PMMA Disc mills purely and polishes easily. It has excellent biocompatibility and for long-term temporaries with a wear period of up to 12 months.


• 19 shades available in stock including clear and pink
• Excellent wear resistance,shade stability,and esthetics
• Excellent finishing,bright surface


• Temporary crowns and bridges
• Removable structure for dentures
• Removable structures for therapeutic restorations

System Available:

98mm(100/104/108)/95mm/89mm thickness from 10mm to 40mm
72mm/20mm/40mm/65mm Cube

Please contact us to order non inventoried items!

Stocking inventory available for quick shipment is indicated in pink
Part Number is combination of "Part No. Prefix" + "-Shade". Example: PMSL 9814-A1
2S = pink shade; 0-CLEAR = clear

Technical Parameter

Properties Parameter
Flexural strength >120 Mpa
Modulus of Elasticity >2200Mpa
Water Absorption <20μg/mm3
Water Solubility <0.8μg/mm3

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