NOBILDENT Select XL Posterior Denture Teeth(Sell by Box)

Shade: A1
Mould: 30U
Sale price$23.76


Retail Units: Box

Posterior Package: 12 cards/Box; same mould and same shade in each box. 

Retail Price: $23.76 per box


NOBILDENT Select XL is a classic teeth line made from general PMMA resin, 2 layered for anterior. It is characterized by natural aesthetics, good stability in shade, anti-plaque and stain, etc.Having adopted the advanced heat and cool press molding and enamel layer wrapping technology, Select XL is one of the best-selling line which is warmly welcomed by customers worldwide due to its good quality and reasonable price.


This product is mainly used for making full denture, removable partial denture, crown restoration of fixed denture, to recover vocalization, beautify the face and improve the chewing ability.


• High quality raw material
• Natural design
• Excellent shade stability
• Low affinity to plaque
• Advanced manufacturing technique
• Anti-staining
• Classical VITA Shades available
• Various molds to meet different needs

Physical Property

• No porosity and other defects
No porosity or defects, such as rough trimming, rough finish or visible impurities on the coronal surfaces.

• Color and blending of shades
Designed as per the natural tooth structure to make the tooth show the translucent opalescence effect in shade and it’s transition for enamel and dentine.

• Surface finish: the surface should be smooth, lustrous and non-porous, and it can be polished to restore the original finish;
• Bonding to denture base polymer: well bonded to heat-polymerizable denture-base materials;
• Colour stability: no perceptible colour change after ultraviolet radiation test;

• Resistance to blanching, distortion and crazing: no blanching, distortion or crazing after boiling;
• Dimensional stability: the dimensional change of a tooth is within ± 2 % of its original mesio-distal dimension after heat curing treatment with denture base polymer.


Store this product in the well ventilated room with the relative humidity not more than 80% and with no corrosive gas.


Posterior: 8*12 cards/box; same mould and same shade in each box, $23.76 per box.

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