NOBILCAM MM-4D Zirconia Discs

Size: 98mm
Thickness: 14mm
Shade: A1
Sale price$127.00


MM-4D: Max Multilayer 4D

NOBILCAM cherishes technological innovation and people-oriented principles, focuses on research and development, and is committed to providing patients with more professional, better quality and safer products.

With its 8 superimposed layers and 15 gradations, MM-4D perfectly achieves the aesthetically realistic appearance of zirconia restorations while maintaining high strength. MM-4D zirconia confidently solves nearly all dental applications including full-arch implant-supported bridge with its wide range flexural strength and translucency.


• 5 layers zirconia: 8 layers are superimposed and 15 layers are gradient
• All-in-one Solution for dental restorations
• All areas of application: From single crown to full arch bridge

Technical Parameter

Flexural strength 700-1200Mpa
Translucency 43%-57%
Sintered density 6.07±0.03g/cm³

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