NOBILCAM MHT Zirconia Discs

Size: 98mm
Thickness: 18mm
Shade: C3
Sale price$112.80


MHT-Multilayer High Translucent

NOBILCAM cherishes the principle of technology innovation and people-oriented, concerning R&D, dedicating itself to providing more professional, better quality, and safer products for patients. NOBILCAM Zirconia Disc balances aesthetics and strength for an excellent patient experience.


• All-in-one One-for-all
• Seamless gradient makes colors change smoothly
• Time saving and easy processing
• Multilayer shows natural tooth esthetic.

System Available

98mm/95mm/89mm thickness from 10mm to 25mm

Please contact us to order non inventoried items!

Technical Parameter

Flexural strength >900Mpa
Translucency 46%
Sintered density 6.07±0.03g/cm³

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