PERFIT Bite Registration (Dispenser-mix)

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The outstanding handling characteristics are essential for an accurate occlusal registration. With high Shore A hardness and fast intraoral setting time, also enough flexibility for easy trimming and cutting, bite registration delivers rigid, stable, accurate occlusal relationship that enable the lab to easily replicate correct intercuspal and centric relationships. PERFIT Bite offers you a accurate and better operation experience.


· Precise :Accurate bite record with high hardness and low deformation
· Convenient:Easily operation with dispenser
· Time Saving:Fast setting in 45s

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter Bite Registration
Total Working Time 12s
Setting Time in oral cavity 45s
Shore A Hardness 89
Detail reproduction 20um
Liner dimentional viariation 0.17%
Color Base: Blue Catalyst: White
Shelf life 2 years




6             Mixer

50ml*2  Cartridge




Operation Procedures

· Inject Bite Registration silicone onto the tooth surface directly.
· Bite for 45 seconds in the mouth to make the material solidify rapidly.
· Remove the material running into the undercuts with a scalpel.
· It is also recommended to remove the material running into the undercuts with a wheel head.
· Only retain the materials that into the pit and fissure on the layer of jaw surface a layer of material running into the pit and fissure on the jaw surface, so as to avoid bite-raising.

Operation Notes

· For sealing, do not remove the mixer after use, and replace it before next use
· Before each use, it is necessary to check whether the heights of materials in the two tubes are flush. If not, the materials in the tubes must be squeezed before use.
· This product is addition-cure vinyl polysiloxane, and cannot be mixed with condensation cured polysiloxane or polyether silicone.


· Contact with latex gloves may prevent vinl polysiloxane from setting. Avoid direct or indirect contact with latex gloves. Instead, wash your hands well to eliminate all traces of impurities or use vinyl gloves.
· Vinyl polysiloxane are chemically resistant, so be careful not to stain your clothing.

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