NOBILDENT Delux EPN Anterior Denture Teeth

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Moulds: S2
Shades: A1
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Retail Units: card

Anteriors Package: 6pcs/Card

Official Retail Price: $24.98 per card

Early Bird: $19.98 per card (valid until 2024/06/30)


NOBILDENT Delux EPN is a premium teeth line made from double cross-linked material,5 layered for anterior. It has natural aesthetics, good shade stability, anti-plaque and stain resistance. After applying exocad and 3shape for digital tooth design, Delux EPN will be tailored for customers and patients with special needs. The exciting news is that we have an early price for Delux EPN.


This product is mainly used for making full denture, removable partial denture, crown restoration of fixed denture, to recover vocalization, beautify the face and improve the chewing ability.


  • Vivid five-layer outlook effect shows ultimate natural aesthetics
  • Extended Polymer Network: Double Cross Link material with high molecular weight
  • Universally adaptable and reliable for all concepts of occlusal patterns
  • Exceptional hardness with composite tooth moulds available
  • Excellent performance and durability
  • Low affinity to plaque
  • Advanced manufacturing technique
  • Anti-staining
  • Classical 16 A-D shades and bleaching colors BL2, BL3, A00 and A0
  • Various moulds to meet different needs


Physical Property

  • Excellent Performance and Durability

Delux EPN uses double cross-linked EPN material which has higher molecular weight and better wear-resistance and stain-resistance than conventional PMMA. Besides, EPN polymer provides Delux EPN with excellent bonding strength to denture base material. As a premium teeth line, Delux EPN also has cxceptional hardness with composite tooth moulds available.

  • Impressive Natural Beauty

Inspired by the rich multi-layered design concept, Delux EPN features 3 dimensional vividness and translucent incisal. Besides, when teeth are set up we can witness the harmonious shading transition.

  • Functional Design Leads to Multiple Solutions

Delux EPN is universally adaptable and reliable for all occlusal pattern concepts, thanks to its versatile occlusal surface design. Delux EPN's wide neck design allows it to cover individual structural elements for implant. Furthermore, occlusion developed by the cogwheel principle is simple and intuitive to set up. Occlusal surfaces with anatomical and non-anatomical angles of 40°,28°, and 0° are offered.


Store this product in the well ventilated room with the relative humidity not more than 80% and with no corrosive gas.












Retail Units: card;

Anterior Package: 6pcs/Card;

Posterior Package:8pcs/Card

same mould and same shade in each box.

Early Bird Price at $19.98/card valid until June 30th,2024

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