NOBILCAM Flexible Disc

Size: 98mm
Thickness: 20mm
Sale price$70.00


NOBILCAM Flexible Disc

NOBILCAM Flexible Disc is an aesthetically superior semi-flexible removable partial denture, which blends perfectly with the patients’gums, providing better function, aesthetics, comfort and durability.


• 98 x 20mm semi-clear milling discs for metal-free frames etc.
• Semi-clear esthetic,comfortable,and lightweight
• No metallic taste,no visible metal


• Removable structures for dentures
• Removable structures for therapeutic restorations

Technical Parameter

Items Techical Requirements
Tensile Strength ≥30Mpa
Elongation at Break ≥40%
water sorption ≤5%
Impact Strength ≥20KJ/m2
Flexural Strength ≥30Mpa
Flexural Modulus ≥1000Mpa

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