Glass Ionomer Cement Filling I

Color: A1
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Filling I is a conventional glass ionomer cement designed for filling applications. It is available in powder and liquid two-component form.


• Restoration of primary teeth.
• Restorations of Class III, V and limited Class I cavities.
• Base linings under composite and amalgam.
• Core build-up.
• Atraumatic restorative treatment (ART).


• Excellent operating performance

• Proven fluoride release

• Good edge sealing

• X-ray radiopacity

• Available in multiple shades

Operation Instructions

• Cavity preparation

• Application of conditioner

• Taking powder and liquid
Take 1 spoon of powder and 1 drop of liquid.

• Mixing the powder and liquid
Mix half portion of powder with all liquid, then incorporate the remaining powder and mix the whole. Total mixing should be completed within 1 minutes.

• Filling and surface remolding
Fill the well-mixed material into the cavity. Operation should be completed in 3 minutes. Remold the surface during the gel period of the material.

• Waterproof protection
Apply the waterproof material on the edge of the restoration to do waterproof protection.

• Finished

Technical Parameters

Powder-Liquid Ratio (g/g) 2.3~2.9/1.0(g)
Mixing time <1'00"
Working time 1'30" ~ 3'00"
Setting time 2'30" ~ 3'00"
Compressive Capability >150Mpa (ISO > 50Mpa)
Average Particle Size 7.2μm
Storage Temperature 4~25 ℃ (39.2~77.0°F)
Shade A1, A2, A3
Storage Humidity Moisture-proof
Shelf life 3 years





Standard Package

15g*1  Powder
12g*1  Liquid
1  Measuring scoop
1  Mixing pad(50 sheets)

MINI Package

5g*1  Powder
5g*1  Liquid
1  Measuring scoop
1  Mixing pad(50 sheets)

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