PERFIT Regular Body (Dispenser-mix)

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Type 2

PERFIT Regular Body-Transparant is the addition silicone recommended for building high transparent matrices that allows to resolve multiple imperfections. It saves clinical operation time and has excellent aesthetic results.


With widely clinical application, Regular body becomes an efficient tool on clinical restoration such as:
(1) Light-curing guide for
a. Anterior aesthetic restoration
b. Indirect method of orthodontic brace bonding
c. Occlusal stamp for composite restorations
d. Implant impression technique
e. Transfer matrix for fixing of braces
(2) Resin filling treatment
(3) Embedding material


Extreme Transparency: Guarantee the perfect photopoly merisation of the composite used for the restoration.
Ideal Rigidity: Ensure the original shaperemains unaltered, and reposition without deformations.
High Aesthetic Results: Help to achieve excellent aesthetic results, and simplify the clinical procedures.

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter Regular Body
Total Working Time 1min30s
Time in Mouth 3min

1.The above mentioned working time refers to that at room temperature (23°C) and normal air humidity (50%).With higher temperature the time can be shorter and with lower temperature the time can be longer.
2.Time in mouth is intended at 35°C / 95°F.


Regular Body-Emily


 50ml*2 Cartridge

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