PERFIT Regular Body (Dispenser-mix)

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Regular Body (Type 2) is an addition-cure vinyl polysiloxane dental impression material that is used for all crown and bridge, edentulous, orthodontic and implant impression techniques. With widely clinical application, regular body becomes an efficient clinical restoration tool 


  • Reduce operation difficulty ,improve restoration quality and clinical convenience.
  • Cut down chair time and re-diagnosis.
  • Minimize material waste


Light-curing guide for

  1. Anterior aesthetic restoration
  2. Indirect method of orthodontic brace bonding
  3. Occlusal stamp for composite restorations
  4. Implant impression technique
  5. Transfer matrix for fixing of braces.

Product Features:

  • Extreme Transparency: Guarantee the perfect photopoly merisation of the composite used for the restoration.
  • Ideal Rigidity: Ensures the original shaperemains unaltered, and repositioning without deformations.
  • High Aesthetic Results: Help to achieve excellent aesthetic results, and simplify the clinical procedures


Technical Data:

Working time: 1min30s (27℃)

Intraoral Setting time: 3min

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter Regular Body
Total Working Time 1min30s
Time in Mouth 3min
Total Setting Time 4min 30s


Regular Body-Emily

PERFIT Regular Body (Type 2)


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