PERFIT Heavy Body (Auto-Mix)

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Type 1

PERFIT heavy body is a high viscosity VPS material to offer preliminary impression material with excellent carving properites. The advanced thixotropic characteristics makes PERFIT heavy body an ideal impression tool especially the implantolog. Combinied with light body could offer high precision impression to meet all clinical demands.


Recommended to take one-step technique for implant and two-steps technique for all clinical restoration such as crowns, bridges, inlays, overlays, especially recommended to be used for edge shaping of complete denture for a higher precision and better patient experience.

①Easy operation
② One-step forming
③Better patient experience
④Help to prepare and demold the complete impression accurately


· Combination with Light body to offer high precision
· Excellent hydrophilicity ensures high precision
· Good mixing quality avoids bubbles and guarantees the dimensional stability
· Suitable working and setting time ensures high clinical efficiency
· High level of thixotropy guarantees a better customer experience

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter Heavy Body Auto-Mix
Total Working Time 1 min 30s
Setting Time in oral cavity 3 min 30s
Shore A Hardness ≈68
Tensile strength >2.0MPa
Tear strength >4.0kN/m
Elastic recovery rate >99.0%
Liner dimensional change rate <0.7%
Delivery form 380ml*1
Color Base: Green Catalyst: White
Shelf life 2 years




380ml*1 Cartridge

Operation Procedures

Two-step/One-step impression technique with Heavy Body and Light Body,

1. Apply the bio-cartridge and the mixer with machine*:Inject Heavy Body onto the tray, and ensure the mixer is properly immersed in the material to avoid bubbles, total operation within 1min30s
2. Take the first impression:Put the tray with Heavy Body into patient’s mouth slowly and accurately, making it in right position in one step. After 3 min30s till the material solidifies completely, withdraw the tray
3. Inject Light Body into putty impression and prepared tooth, the intraoral tip should remain submerged in material while syringing, total operation within 2min15s.
4. Take the second impression, intraoral setting time 3min 30s
*For automatic mixing of the 5:1 systems we recommend the use of Sympress.

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