PERFIT Heavy Body (Auto-Mix)

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Type 1

PERFIT Heavy Body is a high viscosity VPS material to offer preliminary impression with excellent carving properites. The advanced thixotropic characteristics makes it an ideal impression tool especially the implantolog. Combinied with Light Body could offer high precision impression to meet all clinical demands.


 · Accurate impression for crowns,bridges, inlays, onlays.
 · Two-step technique with Light Body for implant impression.


· Combination with Light body to offer high precision
· Excellent hydrophilicity ensures high precision
· Good mixing quality avoids bubbles and guarantees the dimensional stability
· Suitable working and setting time ensures high clinical efficiency
· High level of thixotropy guarantees a better customer experience

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter Heavy Body Auto-Mix
Total Working Time 1 min 30s
Setting Time in oral cavity 3 min
Shore A Hardness ≈68

1.The above mentioned working time refers to that at room temperature (23°C) and normal air humidity (50%).With higher temperature the time can be shorter and with lower temperature the time can be longer.
2.Time in mouth is intended at 35°C / 95°F.
3.For automatic mixing of the 5:1 systems we recommend the use of Sympress.




380ml*1 Cartridge

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