A-Silicone for Laboratory

Size: 5kg Base+5kg Catalyst
Hardness: Soft
Sale price$190.00


A-Silicone for Laboratory is an addition curing laboratory silicone, used for duplicating models in dental restoration. It is characterized by high precision, dimensional stability, high hardness and easy operation.


▪ Removable Full Denture Restoration
▪ Partial Denture Temporary Restoration


▪ Easy mixing ratio 1:1
▪ High fitting and out coming precision
▪ High hardness and low deformation rate
▪ No irritants and nasty smell
▪ Resistant to high temperature up to 200℃

Technical Data:

▪ Appearance: fine and smooth in texture;steel blue in shade
▪ Mixing ratio: 1:1
▪ Mixing time: 30s
▪ Total working time: 1’30’’
▪ Hardness: Shore A 85
▪ Hand feel: soft


▪ 5kg Base+5kg Catalyst
▪ 450g Base+450g Catalyst

▪ 10kg Base+10kg Catalyst

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