Light Curing Tray

Color: Pink
thickness: 2.3mm
Size: 50 pcs/box
Sale price$60.00


NOBILTRAY is a preformed light curing tray indicated for making individual tray and can also work as temporary base plate in dental labs. As light curing material, it can be fast cured in 3 minutes in a unit.
The product is characterized by easy operation, high precision, low deformation rate, high plasticity and pleasant mint flavour.


(1)Making individual tray

(2)Making temporary  base plate


• Time-saving and Labor-saving
• High hardness, and uneasy to be out of shape
• More precise, can fit different oral forms
• 3-minute fast curing
• Mint flavour and pleasant smell
• Various choices: pink or blue, thicker or thinner, all available

Setting time: 3min Light cure


• Standard package:50pcs/box
• Sample package:2pcs/bag

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