PERFIT Light Body (Dispenser-mix)

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Type 3

PERFIT Light body is a low viscosity vinyl polysiloxane impression material with optimized thixotropy and hydrophilic properties, which ensures to provide high accuracy in impressions.


· Excellent hydrophilicity ensures high level of Precision.
· High details reproduction
· Outstanding thixotropy ensures a better clinical experience
· High flowability allows to reach the less accessible spaces of the gingival sulcus
· Excellent hydrophlicity helps obtain the details quickly and reduce the risk of bubble formation,thus guarantee a high level of precision
· Outstanding thixotropy ensures a better clinical experience

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter Light Body-Normal setting
Total Working Time(Temperature:23℃, Humidity:50%) 2 min 15s
Setting Time in oral cavity 3 min 30s
Tensile strength >2.0MPa
Tear strength >3.0kN/m
Elastic recovery > 99.5%
Dimensional change rate < 0.5%
Hardness Shore A ≈56
Color Base: Orange; Catalyst: White
Shelf life 2 years




50ml*2 Cartridge
12 Mixers
12 Oral tips


50ml*2 Light Body Cartridge
25ml*4 Putty Hand-mix


3 Oral tips

Operation Procedures

Two-step impression technique with Putty and Light Body

· Choose a suitable tray: A rigid tray of sufficient size and wall height is is recommended to offer stability and support for impression
· Clean and dry hands, disposable polythene gloves are recommended
· Base and catalyst 1:1 with corresponding measuring spoons. Use the fingertip to mix the materials till the mixture color become even without streak, mixing time 30s. Knead the putty into a stick and place in the tray, seat the tray slowly into correct position, total operation within 1min30s. Bite and maintain passive pressure for 3min until material becomes solid.


· No bubbles
· Shoulder is Clear,continuous and with consistent width.
· Gingival edge is continuous
· The first impression and second impression should be well bonded

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