PERFIT Light Body

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PERFIT Light body is a low viscosity vinyl polysiloxane impression material with optimized thixotropy and hydrophilic properties, which ensures to provide high accuracy in impressions.It is proved to be a great choice for wash material.



Crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, implant and orthodontics impression.
Recommended to take two-step impression technique together with PERFIR Putty.



· High hydrophilicity for precise and reliable impressions.
· High tear strength and tensile strength.
· Excellent linear dimension
· Matain impression accuracy for up to 4 weeks
· Good biocompatibility, safe to use for patients


Technical Parameter

Product Light Body Light Body
Type Normal Set Fast Set
Total Working Time 2 min 15s 1 min 30s
Setting Time in oral cavity 3 min 30s 2 min 30s
Elastic recovery > 99.5% > 99.5%
Dimensional change rate < 0.2% < 0.2%
Hardness Shore A ≈56 ≈56


Clinical Evaluation-PERFIT Heavy Body & Light Body



Standard Package 50ml*2 Cartridge
Kit Package 50ml*2 Cartridge + 12 Mixer + 12 Oral Tips

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