PERFIT Putty (Hand-Mix)

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PERFIT PUTTY is an high viscosity vinyl polysiloxane impression material, with remarkable tear strength, dimensional accuracy and excellent resistance to deformation, it is proved to be a great choice for tray material.
Putty combinied with Light Body is designed to provide more options for attaining better control at each step, efficiently create accurate dental impressions for a variety of applications, including crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, implant and orthodontics.


· Easy operation
· Good linear dimensional stability.
· High tear strength and tensile strength

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter
Putty-Normal setting
Light Body-Normal setting
Mixing Time
Total Working Time(Temperature:23℃, Humidity:50%)
1 min 30s
2 min 15s
Setting Time in oral cavity
3 min
3 min 30s
Tensile strength
Tear strength
Elastic recovery
> 99.5%
> 99.5%
Dimensional change rate
< 0.5%
< 0.5%
Hardness Shore A
Base: Purple; Catalyst: White
Base: Orange; Catalyst: White
Shelf life
2 years
2 years


PERFIT Putty (Hand-Mix)-Normal setting 1


400g*1 Base
400g*1 Catalyst
2 Measuring Spoons

Operation Procedures

Two-step impression technique with putty and light body

1.Choose a suitable tray: A rigid tray of sufficient size and wall height is is recommended to offer stability and support for impression
2.Clean and dry hands, disposable polythene gloves are recommended
3. Mix the alkali and catalyst in a 1:1 ratio using the appropriate measuring spoon. Mix the ingredients with fingertips until the color is uniform and streak-free, with a mixing time of 30 seconds. Knead the putty into a stick shape and place it into the tray, placing the tray slowly into the correct position for a total operating time of 1 minute and 30 seconds. Bite down and maintain passive pressure for 3 minutes until the material becomes solid.
4.Adjust the putty impression with silicone cut to make out the row spillway space.
5.Inject Light Body into putty impression and prepared tooth, the intraoral tip should remain submerged in material while syringing, total operation within 2min15s.
6.Take the second impression, intraoral setting time 3min 30s.

Qulified Impression

1.No bubbles
2.Shoulder is Clear,continuous and with consistent width.
3.Gingival edge is continuous
4.The first impression and second impression should be well bonded

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