Proseal F Enamel Coating Resin

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Applied to cover the enamel surface of the enamel, which is used to prevent caries, inhibit caries, or eliminate the suspected natural caries or the loss of the early tooth enamel.


• Deep pits and fissures on the occlusal surface, buccal surface and lingual or palatal surface, especially where a probe can be inserted or stuck (including suspected caries);

• The contralateral tooth has caries or tends to caries;

• Tooth eruption reaches the occlusal surface or the pits and fissures on the crown surface are completely exposed in the oral cavity.


• Has the function of releasing fluoride, which prevents children from caries.

• It shows pink before curing, and opaque white after curing.

• High bond strength

• High flexural strength

• A large amount of fluorine, release for a long time

• Larger curing depth

• Good fluidity

• Little pungent odor


Proseal F


1.5ml*1  Syringe
10  Dispensing tips

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