TopCEM Ceramic Primer

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A multi-purpose coupling agent for porcelain as well as ceramic restoration. Used for pretreatment to make a better bonding result.


Ceramic Coupling Agent serves as a priming agent and is used to create a durable adhesion between a variety of restoration interfaces, including glass ceramics (feldspar ceramics, leucite ceramics, lithium disilicate ceramics, fluorapatite ceramics, zirconia-enhanced lithium silicate glass ceramics, etc.), oxide all-ceramics (zirconium oxide, alumina), metal/alloy, etc.


• Quick solvent evaporation minimizes waiting time.
• Suitable for various restoration interfaces.
• Simple operation, easy to apply, compatible with light curing or dual curing resin adhesive.
• Significantly improve the bonding strength between the resin cement and the restoration.


5ml*1  Bottle

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